Corrina Holyoake is an accomplished illustrator / artist, based in Bognor Regis. Her first eleven years were spent in Africa, and she has since travelled extensively gaining many experiences and invaluable tips; all of which have greatly influenced her artwork.

Her creative talent appeared at an early age and developed over the years, but Corrina took a long sabbatical when she married and started her family. It was her father’s passing that caused Corrina to take stock of where she wanted her life to go, realising time will not wait; she again picked up her brushes.

After being naturally guided into the world of illustrating children’s books, she found she thoroughly enjoyed her experiences and has now worked on a few books. This, she has come to realise, is where her future lies.

Being a ‘big kid’ at heart, she tries to see her illustrations through the eyes of children, incorporating some humour wherever she can in the hope they will appeal to both child and adult alike. Her aim, with most of her work, is to put a smile on everyone’s face and give each piece a sense of happiness whether it is an illustration or a large painting.

She is a huge colourist at heart, so you will notice that her artwork is very bright and cheerful; decorative, and whimsical. She will explore any facet that presents itself, and enjoys experimenting with different styles and mediums to see where it will lead her.

Corrina is extremely versatile in her art. Experimentation, she believes, is what keeps her passion alive and keeps her growing as an artist. You would be forgiven in thinking her work is done by different artists’ as her paintings vary from the cute, to impressionistic landscapes, and even darker artwork.